tonyI’ve recently added many new Christian MP3’s christian PDF’s  and Video’s. I’m trying to build my christian links up. If you know of an Idaho Christian Web site you would like to see in the Christian Links Directory, Please submit it today! Add Your Christian Church Web site or any other christian site. Theirs also a Ham Radio Link Category  your welcome to add links to as well. 

You may have noticed, I’m an all new, Born Again Christian, Yes Yes this surprised me as much as i’m sure it surprises you. One of these days I will publish my testimony ( Convince me sooner ), It’s quite remarkable. An all of a sudden wonderful thing. What I would like to share with you today is, How good it feels, How loved I feel and how much  in love I am. My new found faith has opened my eyes and my heart. I personally have never felt better. Thank you for visiting My Lord and Savior’s web site. May God Bless you in all the things you do! My prayers are that Jesus Lives in you as well. If not please consider accepting Jesus as your savior. If you would like to learn more please see these pages.

 If you like home brew projects, check out Ham Notes for a GREAT Copper Cactus J-Pole 2mt 70 CM antenna homebrew project. If your local here or going to visit Idaho and need info on repeaters list or a nodes list, or just interested in becoming an Amateur Radio Operator, Surf to Amateur Radio Notes.

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  1. Praise The Lord! In April 7, 2009 God struck me up side the head with a 2×4 (figuratively, of course) when I asked in desperation for Him to reveal Himself. I was 65 years old then. In the past 5 years life with and in the Spirit of Christ grows daily in amazing Grace! Too many God sightings each day to mention here, but I can say this life with Jesus is much more exciting then the world was/is!

    73, David W7DGB

  2. phaisan Kittikhun says:

    Nice to see you on the website,God bless you .HS5EIS,

  3. Steve says:

    Glory to God brother! So happy I came across your site! I’ve got plans to help set up a shack at my church to intoduce the kids in our congregation to amateur radio, maybe I will build a copper cactus!

    • N7QVC says:

      Amen Steve, great Idea you have. Have them make 3 or 4 there fun and work great.. thanks for you nice comment. God Bless

  4. Fred says:

    That’s wonderful, Tony! As this world keeps following the wrong path, it is good to know more people are starting to follow the right path!

  5. Alan (VK7ALN) says:

    Refreshing to see the evidence of your faith in your web site. God bless and keep you.
    Alan VK7ALN

  6. Paul KE0FYG says:

    Just “HAPPENED” on your website..!! Looking forward to future postings….Blessings. JOY

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