One step to far!

Coeur d Alene Idaho imposed a ruling this past week that makes it a crime for those who perform weddings to refuse to marry someone based on their understanding and sense of moral correctness. Those who violate the cities mandate are subject to a $ 1,000.00 dollar fine and up to six months in jail.

At nearly the same time the Mayor of Dallas Texas has imposed a ruling that says anyone speaking from the pulpit on matters of sexual orientation and gender identification (alignment) must first submit their sermons to her office for approval. Failure to do so could have serious legal ramifications. I raised my son’s to understand you live in peace with all people in so far as it is possible. I may not agree with certain societal conduct but their were limits to what extent I might impose my views on them. That clearly no longer is reciprocal, if it ever was.

Political correctness has crossed the line of no return as far as I am concerned. Business’s are being closed through legal channels that is little more than tyranny because they subscribe to different values. Those of us who profess a commitment to a personal relationship with Christ and attempt to live by those tenants are now the target of ignorance and the far left.

We are called to obey government up to the point where it requires us to compromise our personal faith and in-turn deny truth. We are there. We need leadership in the pulpits across this country much like that of the black robe regiment during the civil war. Many in that group, on conclusion of their sermon took off that robe, grabbed their muskets and lead the men of their congregations into battle.

So effective were these men that when the British were able to identify such bodies, they would show up, order them into the church, men, women and children, chain the doors, and burn it to the ground. An example of that is seen in the movie the Patriot. We desperately need men of similar character and strength standing in the church today. I say to those who hold positions of such great responsibility, if you can’t assume a like mantel, step down and hand your office to someone who will. You are no good to us or yourself.

I found this brief summary on the internet The Black Robed Regiment The black-robed regiment of the Revolutionary Period were men of God who spoke out concerning the issues of the day. The name was given to a name of pastors, especially in colonial America that were very instrumental in America winning their independence. The reason why they were called Black-Robed regiment is because every Sunday they would mount their pulpits wearing their long black clerical robes, that’s how preachers would preach in that day. They would get in their pulpits wearing these long black robes, and they would preach the Word of God without fear or favor. These men of God would get in their pulpits and they would basically tell people what or who they should and should not vote for, because they understood that in order to have a great government, then you must have great citizens.

The way that you have great citizens is by having great people that are rooted in the foundation of the Word of God. Week after week after week, they expounded upon the principles of the proper role of government, the proper role of individuals, all underneath the kingship of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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