Portable Antenna Tower Trailer

Pull this Portable Antenna Tower Trailer
Makes a great field day tower antenna
Portable Antenna Trailer Tower
Portable Antenna Trailer Tower

Pete that’s my dad( KC7IQQ ).. built a really cool Portable Antenna Tower Trailer for a fellow ham named Pat Ahern ( KC7FVO ) Pat came to dad cuz dad has a welding shop and asked if he could build a plate with some stakes he could attach a tower to. Pete said if he brought an axel to him he would build a trailer for him so that he may pull it to remote areas to test possible places to put a repeater and also would make a great field day rig.


Portable Antenna Trailer Tower
Portable Antenna Tower Trailer


Pat went and got an axel out of an old van. took it to Pete. A little about the trailer. Its made out of 3 inch channel Iron complete with outrigger. the outriggers slide in and out of the sides of the trailer. the antenna is attached, a little below the center so that it hinges there ( this makes it easy to fold over and attach an antenna to it.. it has a cable and crank attached to the base of the antenna to make it easy to lay over on its side

Guess how the story goes, is that pat climbed up the antenna and tried to tip it over.. dad said in never budged.. not sure what pats has plans for this portable antenna, but it sure looks like a lot of fun. If you would like more information


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  1. Kevin Graniero says:

    Great looking antenna tower..what brand telescoping tower did he use??

    • N7QVC says:

      Hi Kevin, I’m really not sure, Dad made this 10 years ago not even sure he knows. Thanks for your visit and 73s friend.

  2. myron baughman n8yoa says:

    hi n7qvc I would to get a parts list on how to build this antenna I like it and hope to get a list I am going to build a 54 feet one I am give you so you email me the lists


    Myron Baughman N8YOA

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